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Sulphur Show Preview: E - M

Hydrocarbon Engineering,


Stand 25

Enersul Limited Partnership, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a leading sulfur industry choice for producing premium formed sulfur product. Enersul has an established reputation as a leader in the sulfur processing industry, with the expertise and management capabilities to undertake operating contracts as well as project management and supply for all phases of formed sulfur handling projects.

The company offers a full range of equipment and integrated services to the sulfur industry that include sulfur forming technologies (GX™ and WetPrill™), formed and liquid sulfur storage and loadout, sulfur block pouring and block reclamation, H2S degassing (HySpec™), and liquid sulfur cooling. Enersul provides comprehensive engineering services including FEED, design and fabrication. From equipment supply to operation of sulfur forming and handling facilities, the company is committed to providing its customers with safe, efficient and reliable service.

Enersul specialises in the safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly forming and handling of sulfur. Over 60 years of innovation with a focus on end product quality, and the ability to customise technical and operational solutions to any plant requirement, means the world’s sulfur needs can rely on its trusted experience and proven excellence.

Fives Group

Stand 38

As an industrial engineering group, Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial groups in various sectors. Located in over 30 countries and with nearly 8000 employees, Fives is known for its technological expertise and ability to execute large scale international projects.

Fives and its team is dedicated to combustion design and supply a wide range of equipment, systems and processes for combustion, with a strong legacy based upon renowned brands such as Pillard, North American and ITAS.

With in house R&D, using the most modern tools for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and its research centres, Fives is a recognised provider of outstanding combustion solutions at the heart of the customers’ performance in the oil and gas industry.

With over 50 years’ experience in SRU applications from 7 - 2200 tpd, the company developed the Pillard SulFlam® burner, a high intensity burner firing all type of acid gas with proprietary staged co firing for very lean acid gas, enable to be fit either tangentially or axially, and achieving the best performances for Claus furnaces.

Fives’ portfolio for SRU also includes complete range of tailor made combustion solutions such as in line burners, reheating burners, reducing gas generator (RGG) burners and tail gas incineration packages.


Stand 15

FRIATEC AG – Division Rheinhütte Pumpen, Wiesbaden, Germany, offers the chemical, petrochemical, fertiliser and related industries a full range of vertical and horizontal pumps in a wide range of materials: metal, plastic and technical ceramics.

Where the design, construction and manufacture of pumps for the safe and efficient pumping of the most varied kinds of media is concerned, the Division Rheinhütte Pumpen is considered a stand out specialist in the market. In keeping with its motto ‘The right solution. For any fluid.’, the company supplies chemically resistant centrifugal pumps and axial flow circulation pumps to handle molten sulfur, sulfuric acid and phosphoric acids.

RCE: Specialist for aggressive media

The horizontal chemical centrifugal pump RCE has proven itself for pumping chemically aggressive, hot and contaminated media. This strong pump delivers inorganic or organic as well as aggressive fluids easily up to 450 °C, with or without solid components, for normal and heavy duty operation.

Haldor Topsøe

Stand 12

Haldor Topsøe is a world leader in catalysis and surface science. The company is committed to helping customers achieve optimal performance.

The company enables its customers to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources, in the most responsible way.

This focus on customers’ performance, backed by a reputation for reliability, makes sure that the company adds the most value to customers and the planet.

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Stand 30

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion has been a combustion authority for over 80 years providing industry leading solutions and service worldwide. John Zink offers environmental solutions for a variety of industries worldwide, including, chemical and hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas exploration and production, marine/offshore, fuel distribution, power/utilities, combined cycle/co generation, industrial and biofuels.

Sulfur recovery capabilities include acid gas burners, in line burners and tail gas incinerators. The company offers engineered solutions for complete combustion systems including: reaction furnace packages, RGG, incinerator systems, stacks, flare systems, instrumentation and control systems.

John Zink is a recognised leader in the design, manufacture and installation of thermal and catalytic oxidisers and combustion related sulfur recovery systems. The company has more than 3500 installed thermal oxidation systems globally and have supplied the reaction furnace and thermal oxidiser packages on many of the large Claus sulfur recovery projects that have been installed in the Middle East over the past several years. Proven capabilities allow the firm to provide sulfur recovery customers with complete packages on larger systems where integration is the key to successful operation.

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