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Energy production in Colorado

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On 7th June the American Petroleum Institute (API) hosted an ‘Energy, Jobs and Economy Town Hall Meeting’ in Denver, Colorado to highlight the job creating potential of new US energy production in the state. This was another event in the election year energy conversation ‘Vote4Energy.’



‘Now, really for the first time in our lifetime, we are an energy rich nation that no longer lives in a world of energy scarcity,’ said API President and CEO Jack Gerard. ‘Elected officials and candidates need to hear from voters about the energy challenges they face, and why making the right decisions on energy is no important for our future.’

Gerard continued to say that Americans are living in what can credibly be described as a post scarcity energy world. ‘It’s a simple concept with profound implications.’

The EIA predict that the world will need 45% more energy in 2035. And, despite rapidly expanding renewable energy sources, government projections show the US will still rely on oil and natural gas to supply more than half of its energy for decades to come.

‘The question facing America is not whether we will continue to need oil and natural gas in the decades to come,’ Gerard commented. ‘The question is: where will we get it?’


The statistics

Gerard continued to say that safe and responsible development of more US onshore and offshore energy resources would strengthen US energy security. He also said that according to a recent report, this could mean US$ 800 billion in additional government revenues and 1.4 million new jobs by 2030.

At the moment the oil and natural gas industry provides more than 161 000 good, high paying jobs to Colorado residents. The average salary for these jobs is nearly US$ 50 000 more than those jobs outside the industry.

‘With sensible energy development and tax policies, an additional 88 283 jobs can be created for hard working Coloradoans by 2020,’ said Gerard.

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd

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