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IER statement on US Climate Assessment Report

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Dan Kish, IER Senior Vice President issued the following statement after the release of the White House Climate Assessment report:

"This climate report bears a strong resemblance to the IPCC report, only with less science and more rhetoric. This IPCC mini me is just another attempt to justify more government intervention in Americans’ lives and more attacks on affordable energy and economic growth. Americans have been hoping that in this so-called year of action, President Obama was talking about action on creating jobs. This report, combined with his inaction on Keystone XL, shows he is using his pen and his phone to kill more jobs.

"Throughout his entire presidency, Obama has promoted policies that have discouraged the use of our vast energy resources, including blocking the Keystone Xl pipeline, slowing energy development on government lands and waters, and forcing new restrictions on all forms of energy that Americans have used to become the number one economy in the world."

"We are told that this is all done to combat global warming. But the President’s agenda is not about global warming at all, and the fact that they’ve changed the name of their campaign to increase government intervention to climate change is all we need to know. This is their project to put Washington in charge of our energy supplies and our economy. This document is less a look into the climate than it is a scare tactic designed to excuse the President’s agenda of centralising power in Washington and making energy more expensive and jobs harder to find.

"With this report, the White House has continued its legacy of being one of the least transparent administrations in history. Instead of having an honest and open debate about climate change and energy policy in Congress, where the President’s Cap and Tax plan failed, the administration continues to make their decisions behind closed doors. And, as has become standard procedure in Obama’s White House, this document is intentionally confusing and misleading."

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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