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State of American Energy: Part 1

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Below are extracts from Gerard’s API State of American Energy address.

‘This time, while the year is just beginning, reminds us that our future is ultimately of our own design. The same holds true for a nation.

‘We will decide if America continues its march toward global energy leadership, a once in a generation choice, or remains content to play a supporting role in the global energy market.

‘We can erase what for decades has been America’s greatest economic vulnerability, our dependence on energy sources from other continents, particularly from less stable and friendly nations, and fundamentally alter the geopolitical landscape for decades to come, all while providing a much needed boost to our economy. But only if we get our energy policy right.

‘Today, thanks to the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of America’s oil and natural gas industry, this nation has the potential to shed the yoke of foreign energy dependence. Implementing smart, pro growth energy policies will help to ensure that future Americans only know their country as an energy leader.’

The US election and energy

‘In other words, elections matter. In exactly 10 months, we will choose who will lead us in Washington D.C., and in state and local governments. Those choices will have a lasting and profound impact on the direction of our nation’s energy policy.

‘The collective decisions of the 2014 voters will shape whether and the extent to which our nation fulfils its potential as an energy superpower. To lead the energy policy discussion and educate the public on the game changing impact of the choices our nation faces when it comes to energy policy, API’s 2014 messaging and advocacy theme is America’s Energy, America’s Choice. It distils America’s energy policy discussion down to a basic choice: An American energy future of energy abundance, selfsufficiency and global leadership or energy scarcity, dependence and economic uncertainty.’

‘Energy is fundamental to our society, and thanks to American innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, our nation stands among the world’s leaders in energy production and is poised to be THE leader if we get American energy policy right.’

‘The energy policy choices we make today are among the most important and far reaching policy decisions we will make in the 21st century. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reshape, realign and reorder the world’s energy market and improve domestic prosperity to an unprecedented degree. But only if we get our nation’s energy policy right today.’

‘American energy policy should reflect the reality that someone will benefit from helping to meet the world’s ever growing need for energy. Because make no mistake; energy, specifically oil and natural gas will remain foundational to our way of life.’

US energy and the world

‘Broadly, demand for energy worldwide will continue its upward trajectory. For the foreseeable future, we will need more energy from all sources: wind, solar, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, coal and biofuels to meet the world’s ever growing need for energy.

‘According to the president’s US Energy Information Administration (EIA), 25 years from now, oil and natural gas will still be responsible for providing nearly 60% of the country’s energy and more than 90% of our transportation fuels.’

‘And worldwide, EIA projects demand for liquid fuels will increase by 20% in the next 20 years, driven by the development of emerging markets and nations as many of them lift themselves out of poverty, improve their standard of living and increase the economic opportunity for their citizens. It should be a simple choice: do we as a nation decide to use our vast energy resources to help meet the world’s growing energy needs and in the process boost our global competitiveness, realign our foreign policy goals and national security priorities, encourage America’s 21st century manufacturing renaissance, provide millions more Americans with good paying jobs and provide billions of dollars in revenue to local, state and federal governments in the coming decades – or not?’

Gerard’s speech continues here.

Adapted from a speech by Claira Lloyd.

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