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Section 526, security and jobs

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The API has voiced support for a bipartisan bill led by Senators John Barrasso and Joe Manchin to repeal Section 526 of the Energy Independence an Security Act (EISA) of 2007 that could preclude the US military from using crude oil derived from the Canadian oilsands.


‘Any law that threatens the use of one of the most secure sources of oil, Canadian oilsands, jeopardises our national security and simply defies logic,’ said API Senior Director of Federal Relations Khary Cauthen. ‘At a time when American forces are combating terrorists abroad, it is vital for the Pentagon to have the versatility to secure and develop fuel from a strong ally, our top trade partner.

‘Section 526 seeks to restrict fuel choices,’ said Cauthen. ‘It is vague, ambiguous and does not improve reliability of energy supplies, nor does it help our national security goals. The Department of Defence is the government’s largest consumer of fuels. If not repealed, it could increase fuel costs for our military and severely restrict the Pentagon’s ability to get energy that originates from our strongest ally, Canada. True national security rests on a secure, diverse fuel supply for our armed forces.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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