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American Petroleum Institute round up

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The symposium was held at the National World War I Memorial and discussed the job creating impact of new US energy production and the resulting manufacturing prospects for Missouri. It was held as part of the national energy conversation ‘Vote 4 Energy’.

API President and CEO Jack Gerard spoke at the event, ‘poll after poll shows American voters think we’re on the wrong track…Elected officials and candidates need to hear from voters about the energy challenges they face, and why making the right decisions on energy is so important for our future.’

At the event the API also announced that the Helmets to Hardhats program, that places veterans in training programs in the construction trades, will receive a US$ 50 000 contribution from several oil and natural gas companies and labour unions.

House proposal to support jobs

The API welcomed legislation introduced at the US House of Representatives, the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act, that would create a real US energy policy to increase production of the domestic oil and natural gas that is needed in America.

Conrad Lass, API Senior Director of federal relations said; ‘Americans want to access more of our own energy resources, not only to enhance energy security, but also to put downward pressure on prices…The oil and natural gas industry can help revitalise the economy, create new jobs and generate millions of dollars of new federal and state revenue, by safely accessing areas currently off limits.’ Lass continued, ‘Excessive regulations can make it harder for refineries to compete and stay in business. Decisions made by policy makers should always be guided by a firm understanding of all the costs and impacts to the economy.’

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd

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