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65th birthday

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Dr. Tofik K. Khanmamedov spent 12 years at the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, which included original research in the fields of special monomers and polymers, chemistry and catalysis of heterocyclic compounds, resulting in his obtaining numerous inventors’ certificates.

In 1983 he earned the position of Manager of “Sulfur Recovery Technology” in All-Union Research and Project Design Institute for Natural Gas Treatment (VNIPIGaz) of Gazprom in Baku, where he was engaged in the development of new technologies and processes for the natural gas industry. In collaboration with the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Siberian Branch of Academy of Sciences of USSR, Novosibirsk) he developed new catalysts and related technologies for the incineration of tail gases in sulfur recovery units (Claus), and titanium dioxide based catalysts for Claus unit and hydrogen sulphide oxidation to sulfur.

He successfully tested a new titanium dioxide based catalyst in the commercial reactor of the Claus unit in the Orenburg gas plant. For the first time in the sulfur production field he proposed new paths of formation of S6 and S8, on the surface of the catalysts of hydrogen sulphide oxidation to sulfur and developed new kinetic models. He was the first to demonstrate a complicated thermodynamic of the Claus process in 3D format (conversion of H2S vs. temperature vs. H2S concentration in acid gas).

He has gained an international reputation in the field of acid gas removal, sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment processes technology. He was a distinguished member of the Scientific Counsel at the State Committee of Science and Technique in Moscow, USSR.

After the presentation of his paper at SULFUR-90 (Cancun, Mexico), Dr. Tofik K. Khanmamedov was invited to work for an engineering company in the USA that specialised in sulfur related technologies. As a result, he emigrated from Azerbaijan SSR to settle in the United States with his family in 1991. He went on to found TKK Technology Company in Houston, Texas, and markets his new patented technologies as the family of HIGHSULF™ processes, for the  desulfurisation of natural gas, acid gas enrichment, tail gas treatment and SHIFT-CLAUS® and TC™ processes for sulfur recovery.

We wish him good health and good luck in all his future endeavors.

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