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Linde to design pilot plant

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Global Bioenergies has announced that the Engineering Division of The Linde Group will carry out the design of its second industrial pilot plant. Global Bioenergies is a pioneer in the development of processes to convert renewable resources into light olefins, the key building blocks of the petrochemical industry. The company recently announced the choice of the Leuna refinery site for its second industrial pilot, for which the German ministry of research committed a € 5.7 million grant.


Markus Wolperdinger, VP Biotechnology Plants at Linde’s Engineering Division said, ‘we regard isobutene as a very attractive gaseous molecule for a wide range of applications in chemical and industrial products. We are delighted to be chosen as engineering company for Global Bioenergies’ second pilot plant. For the chemical site of Leuna, this project means a further strengthening of its outstanding position as a centre for the commercialisation of innovative biotechnological processes.’

Richard Bockrath, VP Chemical Engineering at Global Bioenergies added, ‘several large and recognised industrialists now constitute our sphere of collaborators: Cristal Union, Synthos, Audi, Arkema and now Linde, a great leaders in industrial gases. I expect that accessing Linde’s immense technology expertise will be a key factor of success in bringing our process to the market.’

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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