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6th February: downstream news roundup

Hydrocarbon Engineering,


It has been reported that Iran’s ambassador to Bulgaria has voiced the country’s plans to restart the Plama oil refinery in Pleven. The country is looking to start the facility as soon as possible but are apparently struggling to track down the current owners of the facility.


The Jam refinery has announced that during January it significantly increased is gas production levels. The plant is currently processing 125 million m3/d of gas and as a whole produces 27% of the country’s gas demands.

North Pole

Flint Hills Resources have announced that operations at their North Pole refinery will ramp down over the next few months and eventually halt altogether when they shut the plant down. The company has said that the shut down is due to high business costs in Alaska and expensive contamination issues that were inherited from the plant’s previous owners. The plant will be completely offline by June 1st.


Ennovor Group has signed a contract with a Spanish biodiesel refiner. The contract is rolling tolling contract is deemed to be the first of many the company plans to sign across Europe.


At the moment, consumers in all US states are paying over US$ 3 for a gallon of regular gas at the pump. This is due to the increasing oil prices throughout the nation. States with a large oil processing and production capacity are also feeling the pinch.

Motiva Enterprises LLC has announced plans to shut the Convent refinery, Louisiana for repairs on 8th February. The vacuum distillation unit is expected to be offline for up to 45 days for scheduled maintenance.

Tesoro is proposing plans to build a 135 mile pipeline between the Uinta Basin and Salt Lake City area refineries. The company wishes to do this to cut truck traffic b up to 250 trips a day. The company has said that it believes this pipeline would also reduce the state’s transportation bottleneck which is holding back development of the oil industry in Utah. 

Edited from various sources by Claira Lloyd.

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