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ACHEMA 2015 Preview: D - K

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

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DuPont Sustainable Solutions (MECS): Hall 6.1, Stand D3

MECS, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont and part of DuPont Sustainable Solutions, is a specialist in energy recovery, environmental technologies and sulphuric acid plant technology. At ACHEMA 2015, the company will be showcasing its range of air pollution control technologies and sulfur management solutions.

Experts will be on hand to provide advice on some of the heat recovery solutions MECS can offer for a range of industries, engineering design, sulphuric acid plant technology, as well as MECS services and high performance products for SO2 recovery.

“Visitors will be able to discuss a number of issues including wet gas sulfuric acid recovery using our highly energy efficient SULFOXTM process, as well as our advanced SolvRTM technology for regenerative SO2 recovery,” said Thierry Marin, Managing Director, MECS EMEA. “We will also be showcasing our high performance Brink® mist eliminators that significantly cut down on air pollution, and provide guidance on gas to gas heat exchangers as well as DynaWave® scrubbers.”

eltherm GmbH: Hall 6.1, Stand C69 and Hall 9.1, Stand E40

At this year’s ACHEMA exhibition, the electrical heat tracing specialist eltherm can be found in two exhibition halls. The company will again exhibit in Hall 6.1, Stand C69 at Thermal Processes, showcasing the very latest in heat tracing innovations in 2015, as well as its latest product developments. However, for the first time, eltherm will also have a booth in the Engineering area in Hall 9.1, Stand E40 dedicated to turnkey engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry, power plants and the chemical industry.

Here visitors can see first hand how eltherm designs and implements heat tracing solutions for complete chemical plants, for example BPA production sites, or production sites for MDI or TDI. Other examples are systems for heating the bases of LNG storage tanks or heating of the molten salt circuits at solar power plants. From engineering to commissioning, eltherm can provide the complete package. As the manufacturer of all components, the highest system quality and integrity can be assured.

FLEXIM: Hall 11.1, Stand A16

As the world’s first ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters, the FLUXUS series from FLEXIM have proven their suitability for use in process control protection equipment according to the IEC 61508 norm and are certified as ‘SIL2 capable’.

The available flow transducers cover a nominal size range from 6 mm to 6.5 m. The SIL2 certified measurement systems are also offered in versions approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

In conjunction with the patented transducer mounting fixture ‘WaveInjector’, the FLUXUS meter can also measure at extreme pipe wall temperature ranges from -170 °C up to 600°C. Clamp on ultrasonic FLUXUS meters are also highly zero point stable and drift free, ensuring precise measurement data.In addition to SIL certified devices, FLEXIM will present the FLUXUS XLF for extremely low flow rates, or rather flow velocities, at ACHEMA. A particular highlight will be the introduction of the FLUXUS F/G 721 as the first representative of a whole new generation of clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters.

Flottweg: Hall 5.0, Stand A86

Hygienic, versatile, and high quality. That is the image Flottweg is presenting at ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt. This year, the specialist in separation technology is showing off its Z5E-4/401 decanter with hygienic design. This model is particularly noteworthy for its outstanding cleanability, making it a must for use in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The machine also has an adjustable impeller that guarantees optimum adjustment to changing conditions in the product feed. Furthermore, thanks to the unique touch control, visitors to the Flottweg booth can also simulate operating the decanter and experience its intuitive menu guidance.

Learn about the advantages of the adjustable impeller at ACHEMA 2015:

  • Perfect separating properties are achieved, for an optimum product result.
  • Exact, variable adjustment of the pond depth is possible.
  • The adjustable impeller can be moved during active processing.
  • Optimum adaptation to changed conditions (product property in the feed).
  • Improved cleaning ability of the machine.
  • HOERBIGER: Hall 8, Stand D28

    HOERBIGER is a worldwide leader in innovation and services for compression technology, hydraulics and drive technology. The company specialises in performance defining components and premium services in compressors, industrial engines and turbines and multifaceted mechanical engineering applications for the oil, gas and process industries.

    High quality services based on extensive engineering knowhow, such as the REE Audit (Reliability, Efficiency, Environmental Soundness), plus the performance defining components, guarantee reliable plant processes with minimum operating costs. The new XP compressor valve ensures operation with low maintenance and maximum availability. eHydroCOM increases energy savings from capacity control systems. XperSEAL is an innovative, leak free rod sealing system for the lifetime of the compressor, which uses pressurised oil to keep the gas in place. This radically new sealing system is fail safe, can be retrofitted easily to existing compressors, and uses no more oil than a conventional lubricated packing. TriVAX integrates safety functions in a compact electrohydraulic actuator for valve automation.

    HTRI: Hall 4.0, Stand A62

    HTRI is a global leader for process heat transfer technology, research, software, and services. Incorporated in 1962, HTRI conducts research on heat transfer and fluid flow at its multimillion dollar Research and Technology Centre located near Houston, Texas. HTRI will be showcasing its most recent developments at ACHEMA, including:

    • Preventing and resolving customers’ heat exchanger problems using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation, like that used in the acclaimed HTRI research programme.
    • Becoming the exclusive provider of the Exchanger Optimizer software, an innovative economic evaluation tool which helps processing plants maximise resources and reduce heat exchanger costs.
    • Forming an alliance with I2 Air Fluid Innovation, Inc. to commercialise a new approach to preventing biofouling in heat exchangers, heat pumps, and other heat transfer equipment.
    • Developing a software product compatible with its widely used Xchanger Suite that provides evaluation and indicators of heat exchanger performance and calculates fouling resistance for sensible and phase change shell and tube equipment.

    Koch-Glitsch: Hall 4.0, Stand D1

    Koch-Glitsch is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of an advanced line of mass transfer and mist elimination products. Its diverse line of equipment includes high performance trays, random packing, structured packing, severe service grid, column internals, mist eliminators, and liquid-liquid coalescers. The following key products from Koch-Glitsch will be showcased at ACHEMA:

    • PROFLUX® severe service grid provides superior durability in severe operating conditions, such as fouling, coking, erosion, corrosion and frequent upsets.
    • INTALOX® ULTRA random packing allows smaller diameters for new columns, reduces energy consumption for revamps, reduces foam generation, and reduces carryover and solvent losses with high vapor handling capacity.
    • SUPERFRAC® trays are especially beneficial in applications requiring a large number of mass transfer stages or where mass transfer efficiency is critical such as in superfractionators. Use of PROVALVE® tray decks combines high performance with superior fouling resistance for difficult applications such as coker fractionators and sour water strippers.
    • High performance DEMISTER-PLUS technology combines the efficiency of the DEMISTER® mist eliminator with the capacity of the FLEXICHEVRON® mist eliminator.

    This is an extract from the ACHEMA 2015 Preview, which features in the June 2015 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering.

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