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Oil and gas sector home to the fastest growing jobs in the USA

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Despite the global recession and the slow job growth around the globe, including the USA, there are several occupations in the US that have more than doubled the number of workers employed. 24/7 Wall St. has compared statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for occupations from the 10 year period of 2002 – 2012. During the 10 year time frame, service unit operator jobs in the energy industry quadrupled.

The reasons for job growth

The changing demographic within the US is possibly the reason why certain jobs have seen such a rise in the number employed. The number of personal financial advisors has increased and this is thought to be due to the volume of people now retiring in the US. Also, the number of people now working as care aids has also risen. A rise in the number of interpreters and translators has also been noticed as the Hispanic population in the USA has seen a rise recently.

The changes in the energy industry are thought to be the reason why the number of petroleum engineers and service unit operators has increased. The rise in oil prices and the rapid rise of unconventional resources has been integral and beneficial to people wishing to enter this working sector.

Petroleum engineers

After comparisons in employment figures were made, the role of petroleum engineer was confirmed as the second fastest growing occupation in the USA with 227% job growth between 2002 – 2012. This equates to a 10 year job growth of 25 280 individuals with a total of 36 410 being employed in this position throughout the country. Petroleum engineers are also some of the highest paid workers in the country with a median wage of over US$ 130 000 in 2012.

Service unit operators, oil, gas and mining

The data comparison showed that service unit operators in oil, gas and mining led the way with a 10 year job growth of 365%. This equates to a 44 870 person employment figure over the comparison period which totalled 57 180 in 2012. However, the average annual pay for a service unit operator is US$ 41 970 which is significantly less than that of a petroleum engineer.

Other fast growing US jobs

  1. Service unit operators
  2. Petroleum engineers
  3. Music directors and composers. 10 year job growth of 178%.
  4. Interpreters and translators. 10 year job growth of 171%.
  5. Massage therapists. 10 year job growth of 162%.
  6. Human resources specialists. 10 year job growth of 134%.
  7. Coaches and scouts. 10 year job growth of 130%.
  8. Personal financial advisors. 10 year job growth of 128%.
  9. Personal care aids. 10 year job growth of 118%.
  10. Skin care specialist. 10 year job growth of 104%.

Edited from various sources by Claira Lloyd

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