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API comment on EPA’s ethanol regulations

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

API Downstream Group Director Bob Greco has voiced his opinions on new analysis of EPA’s regulations to allow higher amounts of ethanol (15%/E15) in gasoline. Greco said that an estimated half of all gasoline station equipment is not compatible with E15 and this could result in serious safety and environmental problems for consumers.



‘EPA continues to move forward with its decision to approve the use of 15% ethanol in gasoline, even thought testing to date shows this highest concentration would not be fully compatible with much of the dispensing and storage infrastructure at our nation’s gas stations.

‘Adding these fuels into our gasoline supplies could result in damaged equipment, safety problems, and environmental impacts at our gas stations, to say nothing about car engines, and it could even erode support for the nation’s renewable fuels program.

‘EPA has done an inadequate job of answering the many challenges surrounding E15, in particular dispensing equipment and other infrastructure implications.’

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd

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