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UK China energy efficiency investments

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One of the fastest growing global markets is energy efficiency. It’s driven by severe energy supply constraints, risking prices and the opportunity to make substantial cost savings from inefficient and ageing energy infrastructure. Due to this SDCL Asia has announced plans to launch the UK China Energy Efficiency Investments Fund. The UK is home to some of the world’s leading energy efficiency technology and services companies as well as financial innovation. China is the world’s largest market for energy efficiency and is a major exporter of energy efficiency products and solutions.

The fund is going to build on SDCL’s experience in the UK where it is manager of the UK Energy Efficiency Investments Fund. SDCL has also launched government backed energy efficiency investment programmes in Singapore and the Republic of Ireland. The new fund will be managed by SDCL Asia, the joint venture between SDCL and the First Eastern Investment Group.

Comments on the fund

‘I am delighted that SDCL are joining me in the largest British business delegation to go to China this century. This Government’s priority is to secure the economic recovery and we are determined to do all we can to help British companies to succeed in the global race. I am firmly committed to playing my part, which is why I have taken more than 130 business delegates to China, including SDCL. My aim is to open the door for them in this fast growing market, creating opportunities for them to expand their business,’ said UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

‘First Eastern established the UK China Fund partnership concept during the Prim Minister’s first visit to China in November 2010 to bring the best of British business to China. SDCL was our key investment in the green economy. Now is the perfect time for us to connect its achievements in the UK with the huge opportunities in China,’ said Chairman of the First Eastern Investment Group, Victor Chu.

CEO of SDCL and Chairman of SDCL Asia, Jonathan Maxwell said, ‘The UK China Energy Efficiency Investments Fund is a major new initiative for SDCL Asia that will promote efficiency in the UK and Chinese energy economies. Energy efficiency is good for business, reduces costs, improves productivity and growth, while at the same time offering the largest and cheapest source of greenhouse gas emission reductions. Energy efficiency represents the ultimate sustainable investment: it pays for itself in the UK & Ireland, China, Singapore and many other major global markets.’

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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