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AFPM welcomes court victory for California consumers

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

AFPM president Charles T. Drevna welcomed a US District Court decision on 29th December 2011 that upheld the claim of AFPM and other organisations that California’s low carbon fuel standards are invalid because they violate the Interstate Commerce Clause of the US Constitution.

Drevna said: ‘Today’s decision is a victory for the millions of Californians who travel the state every day in vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel fuel manufactured by our members. California’s low carbon fuel standards would have raised gasoline and diesel fuel costs for all Californians, who already pay the highest fuel prices in the nation. If fully implemented, the standards would have hurt consumers by discriminating against their use of renewable fuels from the Midwest and crude oil from our neighbour and ally Canada.’

‘If these standards had remained in place they would have done nothing for the environment and done nothing to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, but would have created a regulatory nightmare for fuel manufacturers. Different states could have followed California’s example and created a patchwork quilt of varying fuel standards that would have raised the costs of manufacturing gasoline and diesel fuel across the US. This would have resulted in all pain and no gain for the American people.’

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