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AKE warns of increasing violence as US withdraws

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

At least 200 people have been killed and over 560 injured this November according to AKE Intelligence. While civilians have been targeted, the Iraqi security forces have been the primary targets. Risk mitigation company AKE monitors security trends in the country and will publish its November research in a report issued on Monday.

There have been bombings in Basrah, Taji, Khalis and even the normally well-defended International Zone (often referred to as the Green Zone). There is genuine concern that the country could slip back into violence and civil war once the Us troops have withdrawn and the huge columns of departing US troops and supplies are there for all to see. Most US troops will have left the country by Christmas.

AKE’s Iraq specialist John Drake warns that safety and security issues still need to be addressed. “Violence may ebb and flow in Iraq but in the event of a major deterioration in the security environment firms will have to ensure that they have robust crisis management and contingency plans in place to deal with the situation.”

“Bear in mind that if a company suffers a medical crisis, such as the injury of an employee, there will no longer be the medical assistance which was previously provided by the US military.”

“It may sound daunting, but the economic potential in Iraq is significant. Risk-aware companies which prepare themselves appropriately and invest in the country will likely find themselves far ahead of their competitors.”

 Iraq offers huge opportunities to international oil and gas companies as the industry was effectively strangled under the old regime by sanctions and chronic under-investment, huge gains stand to be made by any company willing to invest the in Iraq’s oil and gas fields.

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