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APGA approve policy resolutions

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

At the 2013 APGA Annual Meeting held in Boston on 31st July, members unanimously approved four new policy resolutions. The APGA Vice Chairman and CEO of the Okaloosa Gas District, Jose Lozano introduced and reviewed all proposed resolutions. These new policies will play an important role in providing direction to the APGA’s efforts. A brief summary of the four approved resolutions can be found below.

Tax exempt financing

The resolution expresses opposition to legislation and/or regulations that would reduce or repeal the federal tax exemption on interest earned from municipal bonds or impair the ability of public gas systems to utilise tax exempt financing.

State damage prevention

The resolution urges states to adopt and enforce effective damage prevention laws that include requiring all excavators and all operators of buried facilities to participate in one call systems.

Gas-electric coordination

The resolution expresses support for reasonable measures to enhance gas-electric coordination provided that such measures do not diminish LDC’s current flexibility in the exercise of their firm transportation rights and do not result in LDC’s underwriting the services to other classes of customers.

Energy efficiency in federal building

The resolution communicates that regulations concerning energy efficiency in federal buildings must recognise the high efficiency gains and reduced greenhouse gas emissions provided by the direct use natural gas and that any regulations concerning energy efficiency in federal buildings must be based on source based energy metrics.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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