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Dry natural gas consumption reaches record level

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The November Natural Gas Monthly, with data through September 2015, has been released.

In September, dry natural gas production was the highest for the month since EIA began reporting dry natural gas production data in 1997. Preliminary dry natural gas production for September 2015 was 2288 billion ft3, or 76.3 billion ft3/d. This level was a 4.2 billion ft3/d (5.8%) increase from production of 72.1 billion ft3/d in September 2014.

September’s dry natural gas consumption level was the highest on record for the month. Preliminary total natural gas consumption for September 2015 was 1921 billion ft3, or 64.0 billion ft3/d. This level was an increase of 5.7% from 1818 billion ft3 in September 2014, or 3.4 billion ft3/d.

Year over year total consumption of dry natural gas in September decreased in three of the four consuming sectors, with the exception being electric power deliveries, which again increased significantly year to year. Deliveries of natural gas by consuming sector in September were as follows:

  • Residential deliveries were 108 billion ft3, or 3.6 billion ft3/d, down 11.5% from 4.1 billion ft3/d in September 2014.
  • Commercial deliveries were 138 billion ft3, or 4.6 billion ft3/d, down 7.4% from 5.0 billion ft3/d in September 2014.
  • Industrial deliveries were 577 billion ft3, or 19.2 billion ft3/d, down 2.0% from 19.6 billion ft3/d in September 2014.
  • Electric power deliveries were 902 billion ft3, or 30.0 billion ft3/d, up 16.7% from 25.8 billion ft3/d in September 2014.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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