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Letter supporting HR 6

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Toby Mack, President and CEO, Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA) sent a letter to House representatives in support of H.R.6, The Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act.

The letter

‘As the President and CEO of the EEIA, I am writing to you today to voice our organisation’s support for HR 6, the Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act. The bipartisan legislation will accelerate consideration of pending LNG export applications by the Department of Energy. The resulting exports will drive major economic benefits to American businesses and worker throughout the shale energy supply chain.

‘EEIA represents the vast community of thousands of locally based contractor, equipment, materials and service businesses that support shale gas and oil operations. Our members grow their businesses, provide highly skilled new workers locally for good paying jobs, and pay taxes in their communities, because of the greatly increased new work from the shale energy boom. As such, we understand the enormous economic benefits that shale energy production and consumption bring to the economy.

‘Our analysis indicates that by 2015, projected natural gas production from shale of more than 44 billion ft3/d, accompanied by the annual upstream capital expenditures of more than US$ 66 billion required to maintain this increase in production, will have created more than 515 000 supply chain jobs. Even before considering new exports, projected further production growth to almost 60 billion ft3/d by 2020 will be accompanied by an additional US$ 34 billion of annual capital expenditures, along with another 150 000 new supply chain jobs, or a ratio of approximately 10 000 jobs for each new billion ft3/d/ Thus the construction of the new LNG export terminals envisioned by pending applications will cause increased production that will create many more tens of thousands of new American jobs.

‘There fore the members of the EEIA urge strong, bipartisan support for the passage of HR 6. The additional natural gas production needed to meet the resulting new exports will create countless well paying, permanent American jobs throughout the energy supply chain.

‘There is no better time than now to act in the interest of American workers, businesses, and overall American economic growth.’

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