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Gov. Rick Perry voices concerns over EPA action

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

On 28th May, Gov. Rick Perry sent a letter urging President Barack Obama to stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) efforts to take over Texas’ federally delegated, successful Title V permitting program and replace it with a less effective Washington based, bureaucratic led, command and control mandate.

Letter extracts
‘Texas’ air quality permitting program is achieving significantly cleaner air while encouraging jobs and economic growth at the same time. The facts prove that penalising Texans will undermine those significant environmental and economic successes and harm America’s leading producer of domestic energy, refined products and chemicals,’ Gov. Perry said. ‘The EPA’s unwarranted actions will kill good American jobs, reduce our economic output, and undermine critical domestic energy and petrochemical supplies for all 50 states. Worse still, the EPA’s actions are unwarranted given the tremendous air quality improvements made by the State of Texas.’

At the end of May, the EPA announced efforts to take over Texas’ permitting program, which went into effect under Gov. Ann Richards in 1994, and was approved by the Clinton administration.

The stats
The air Texans breathe today is cleaner than it was in 2000. As Texas added much of the nation’s job, population and economic growth, the Texas clean air program achieved a 22% reduction in ozone and a 46% decrease in NOx emissions, compared to a 27% reduction in national NOx levels between 2000 and 2008. Additionally, no county in Texas is in non-attainment for fine particulate matter, one of the pollutants with the greatest impact on human health.

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