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Orbital joins American Biogas Council

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CUI Global, Inc. has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems North America (Orbital) has joined the American Biogas Council as a full member.

The mission of the American Biogas Council is to create jobs, environmental sustainability and energy independence by growing the American biogas industry (American Biogas Council).

Orbital has been an industry leader in biogas quality measurement for over 10 years in Europe and was instrumental in developing the first commercially viable bio-methane to grid installation in the UK. Using its proprietary GasPT® analysers, Orbital has commercialised a cost effective, more efficient, quicker and more accurate method of ensuring that biogas meets the criteria necessary for injection into the natural gas grid systems of the UK and in other countries.

Jim McGinty, Orbital's Chief Technical Officer, stated, "Our unique technology and expertise in developing biogas solutions will enable us to provide a very fast, accurate, and cost effective solution to the US biogas market and our membership in the American Biogas Council will allow us to credibly publish that technology and our expertise to the North American marketplace."

"For too long, the natural gas industry has relied on measurement technology designed for other markets and simply adapted for use in biogas service. In joining the American Biogas Council, Orbital commits to solving challenging measurement issues with cutting edge technologies throughout the natural gas industry," explained McGinty.

The deployment of renewable fuels such as biogas in the UK and across Western Europe has driven the adoption of Orbital's proprietary technologies and today Orbital is an industry leader for biogas quality measurement in those geographies.

"The emerging biogas market in North America represents a significant growth area for Orbital," said Nicholas Clough, Chief Sales Officer and President of Orbital's North American Division. "We intend to follow the same path in the US as we have in Europe and the UK as the industry moves to deploy America's biogas resources to help meet the nation's energy and environmental needs. Membership in the American Biogas Council will further our penetration of this nascent market for our solutions," Clough concluded.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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