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World’s first reduced emissions fuel program

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

One of the greenest cities in the US has just got greener. Starting on 23 June, Albuquerque residents can easily reduce their carbon footprint and lessen their impact on the environment everyday. Teaming with ALON Brands, GreenPrint LLC has announced the availability of the STRIVE Reduced Emissions Fuel Program, an innovative program bundled in with ALON’s high quality fuel, at 122 pumps across 23 ALONG owned 7-Eleven stations in the city.


STRIVE is a program that reduces carbon emissions in a sustainable way and counteracts the negative effects emissions can have on the atmosphere, climate and way of living. Consumers can automatically offset harmful emissions by pumping the same high quality ALONG fuel as always at no additional cost or effort. Every time a customer pumps a gallon of fuel at an ALON 7-Eleven, STRIVE will calculate the vehicle’s tailpipe emissions and invest in projects that reduce those emissions by up to 30%.

To offset drivers’ carbon emissions, the STRIVE – Reduced Emissions Fuel Program invests locally, regionally and globally to replace or reduce emissions that harm the atmosphere. The projects it invests in are certified and proven to sequester carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. When selecting partners, STRIVE has an eye on efficiency, location and relevance, investing locally whenever possible. Most notable beneficiaries in Albuquerque are Tree New Mexico and the Arbor Day Foundation. In addition, STRIVE invests in cleaner alternative energy such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation.

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