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Hongli continues focus on clean technology

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Hongli Clean Energy Technologies Corp. (CETC) a vertically integrated producer of clean energy products located in Henan Province, has reported that it has discontinued its coking business by terminating the coke producing agreement with Pingdingshan Hongfengxuanmei Coking and Chemical Company on 20 November 2015. The coke inventory will be used for producing syngas. The management has fully considered the risk and expected the coke demand will continue to slide due to the soft steel industry in China.

In the meanwhile, CETC will be more focused on developing, manufacturing and commercialising its clean tech energy products by leveraging its existing technologies and infrastructure. The Company’s first clean tech product, “Syngas” has gained its market reputation with its price sustained at RMB 0.67/m3 while natural gas price reduced to RMB 0.7/m3.

As previously announced, CETC will employ the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process to separate hydrogen from syngas. The hydrogen will be purified, including quality in excess of 99.96% purity, a production quantity of 12 000 m3/h, an anticipated market price of RMB 1.35/m3, cost of RMB 0.85/m3, and gross profit of 40.7%. The product can be broadly used as a raw material in hydrogen fuel cell and petrochemical synthesis industry, and transported through tankers reaching a distance as far as 500 km. Additionally, the company will employ the Cryogenic Separation Technology to separate clean energy.

The company’s introductory UCG project is currently under the testing phase and the syngas generated from this project will also be applied with aforementioned technologies to further increase the value. As it continues to concentrate on technological innovation, we will become a well-respected clean tech energy company.

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