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Highlighting the benefits of new diesel technology

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The Diesel Technology Forum has said that the US$395 million agreement for the purchase of 772 clean diesel commuter coaches by New Jersey Transit is yet another example of major transit agencies recognising the economic, safety and environmental benefits of advanced clean diesel technology.


Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director, Diesel Technology Forum said, “through this acquisition of the latest clean diesel technology, New Jersey Transit has made a substantial investment in clean transportation technology that will ensure affordable, efficient, clean and reliable public transportation services for the citizens of New Jersey. These buses will also play a key role toward improving air quality in the region through gains in ridership and also the environmental performance of these new coaches as they are put in service.

“New Jersey’s coach fleet is among the largest in North America, so this acquisition is a very strong statement about the value and benefits of new clean diesel technology in a competitive green technology space. With an array of fuel and technology options, New Jersey Transit selected coaches powered by clean diesel engines for its growing services to outlying cities and suburban areas.

“It recognises that clean diesel technology offers the best combination of environmental performance, resource flexibility, efficiency, affordability, and reliability, all of which are key considerations for the lowest cost and best service on these heavily trafficked corridors. Business and governments are increasingly finding that thanks to the tremendous environmental progress made on diesel engines, they can improve their environmental performance without the higher acquisition, facility and fuelling stations investments required for alternative fuels like natural gas.”

Edited from press release by Claira Lloyd

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