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US DOE RFI on biofuel and bioproducts

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Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The US Department of Energy is seeking input from industry, academia, national laboratories, and other biofuels and bioproducts stakeholders to identify existing pilot or process development scale facilities with the capability to perform process verifications for biomass conversion pathways to biofuels, bioproducts, or intermediates that integrate multiple unit operations on a scale of approximately 0.5 tpd, or greater, of dry biomass input.

The purpose of this request for information (RFI) is to develop a comprehensive list of locations that exist as, or are willing to act as, pilot or process development scale multi-user facilities for biofuels and bio-based products, chemicals, and intermediates, including synthesis gas, cellulosic sugars, bio-oil, hydrogen, biogas, and methane.

The department is exclusively requesting information on capabilities that are on the scale of approximately 0.5 tpd of dry biomass input or greater. This information will be used to assess existing capabilities that could be leveraged to perform process verifications and determine the gaps of such an inventory. This is solely a request for information and not a funding opportunity announcement. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is not accepting applications.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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