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Clean diesel technology’s place in the US

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The Diesel Technology Forum has said that diesel power’s role as the ‘lifeblood of the global economy’ and the development of the new generation of ultra low sulphur diesel fuel and clean diesel engines and equipment are two major factors to consider when reviewing the status of the US energy situation since the creation of a national energy policy 40 years ago.

New found petroleum reserves across the country have resulted in America’s energy abundance. Due to these reserves, the US EIA states that as of 2011 the US is a net exporter of petroleum products and ULSD fuel is the number one petroleum export. While the US is a net exporter of ULSD, recent studies including the Fuels Institute recent analysis has determined that there’s more than ample supply to meet domestic demand.

Diesel as a lifeblood

Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum said, “diesel power is the lifeblood of the global economy. With its unmatched combination of energy density, fuel efficiency, power and performance, diesel engines are the primary technology driving 15 key sectors of the US economy, from agriculture and construction to goods movement and warehousing.

“The new generation of ultra low sulphur clean diesel fuel and clean diesel engines and equipment are two of America’s greatest success stories; ones that are not only delivering real world benefits here at home today, but are leading export technologies helping to advance environmental improvements and energy efficiency gains in developing countries around the world.

“While there is considerable attention being placed on the possibilities for export of domestically produced natural gas from the US, ultra low sulphur diesel fuel is today America’s number one petroleum export earning significant export revenues. Advanced clean diesel engines represented 4.4% of US exports in 2010, with an export to value ration five times higher than the national average.”

Diesel and climate change

Schaeffer also said, “clean diesel fuel is vital to help the US achieve current and future clean air and climate goals. Demand for clean diesel fuel will only increase around the world as other countries’ economies grow, driving demand for powerful modern diesel engines that will also improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.”

Taking over gasoline

Schaeffer has also said that the new cleaner diesel technology and fuel will play an increasing role in US and international efforts to improve air quality standards. “International experts predict that diesel is on course to remain the number one global transportation fuel. The IEA recently stated that diesel is expected to overtake gasoline as the top transportation fuel used in passenger vehicles and in the freight transportation sector. One of the largest global oil producers, ExxonMobil, recently confirmed diesel’s expected dominance while also stating that much of the anticipated growth in diesel will come from emerging economies.”

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