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White papers: ZymeFlow

Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology is the worldwide leader in the decontamination of hydrocarbon process equipment for entry, inspection, and maintenance including hot work.

Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology has provided decontamination services to the refinery and petrochemical markets for almost 30 years. Our highly experienced teams have engineered and completed projects for nearly every unit in hydrocarbon processing including but not limited to crude, FCC, vacuum, coker, desalter, quench systems, and many more. Top refineries and petrochemical facilities trust in Zyme-Flow® Decon for our detailed planning, innovative chemistries, and global service experience to perform the safest and fastest entry into process equipment during a planned turnaround or emergency outage. Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology continues to grow operating consistently in over 50 countries while performing around 200 turnaround projects per year.


Significant Reduction in Unit Preparation and Mechanical Cleaning Time Through Detailed Planning and Execution

This white paper presents the benefits of proper decontamination planning in advance of a turnaround or maintenance event.

Published on the 02 May 2019

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