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Precision Comparison Between ASTM Test Methods D7039, D2622, and D5453

View XOS's whitepaper to find out which method offers the best performance for reproducibility when testing low sulfur in automotive fuels: ASTM D2622, D7039, and D5453. Data was collected from ASTM Proficiency Testing Programs (PTPs).

ASTM Proficiency Testing Programs (PTPs) are statistical quality assurance programs that enable laboratories to evaluate and improve performance.

ASTM conducted a PTP between 2015 and 2017, and collected data from various laboratories testing sulfur. It provided reformulated gasoline (RFG) and ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) samples using the most common test methods for low sulfur automotive fuels: D2622, D7039, and D5453.

Download XOS's whitepaper to learn which method demonstrated the best performance for reproducibility.


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