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White papers: Honeywell Connected Industrial

Honeywell Forge for Industrial provides actionable recommendations, highlighted with potential economic impact for intelligent business and operations.

The portable and extensible software solution uses process and asset digital twins, role based, and comprehensive analytics to enable top to bottom enterprise-wide visibility improving decision making and sustaining overall performance of the process, assets, people and safety.

Honeywell Forge is building on and embedding over 100 years of industrial experience into its process and asset analytics. Whether it is the process experience of Honeywell UOP or the experience operating 200+ facilities of its own, Honeywell Forge is designed to help you make better decisions that impact equipment performance, reliability, safety, and profitability.

Honeywell Forge overcomes the challenges of discrete systems and breaks down data silos with analytics that draw deep insights through the integration of process and asset data. Through a common user experience, data can be viewed from an enterprise-level with the ability to drill down to individual sites and units. Honeywell Forge tracks and reflects changes to performance across the enterprise for improved decision making.


Practical considerations when pursuing plantwide optimisation

Honeywell Forge Plantwide Optimizer is first and foremost an integration layer between planning and control. The challenges and gaps that exist in the interactions between these two functions have been well documented in this paper. Download this paper to learn more!

Published on the 01 April 2022

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Energy Monitoring, Targeting and Reporting

Almost all process industry facilities have begun to engage in energy management initiatives. Yet sometimes the benefits from these initiatives can erode as fast as they are achieved. In this paper, discover the best energy management practices in today’s connected process industry.

Published on the 01 February 2022

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How artificial intelligence can improve advanced process control

With the growing adoption of AI in process industries, AI solutions continue to increase their role within production optimisation, pushing sustainability efforts and mitigating risk in a world full of disruptions, commodity fluctuations, and other uncertainties. Read this paper to find out more!

Published on the 01 October 2021

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A Better Way to Plant-Wide Optimization

Trying to apply the standard APC technologies or alternative rigorous modeling techniques to multi-unit optimisation has proved difficult as the problem scale is increased. The performance, veracity and maintainability of these ambitious and well-intentioned solutions suffer. To be successful, one needs a new approach. This paper examines one such approach, Honeywell Forge APC Plant-Wide Optimizer.

Published on the 01 February 2021

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