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A New Era in Sulfur Degassing – We Have Touchdown

The modified Claus process is used to convert various sulfur compounds recovered from crude oil and gas into elemental sulfur. A by-product of this process is that H2S is absorbed into the liquid sulfur.

This explosive and poisonous gas makes storage and handling both complicated and dangerous. A new degassing technique uses a solid, packed bed catalyst and a vapor stream to rapidly remove the dissolved H2S from the liquid sulfur.

The first commercial installation of this technology occurred in a gulf coast refinery and started operation in June 2018. This unit has been providing continuous sulfur degassing at a rate of 325 long tpd. This ICOn™ Degassing System can use a variety of vapour streams for the stripping gas and works at any operating pressure. This flexibility allows the system to be configured in a multitude of arrangements depending on the needs of each specific installation.


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