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Webinars: Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies supports Shell and non-Shell businesses by working with them to co-create integrated, customised solutions comprising licensed technologies, refining and petrochemical catalysts, and technical services.

It was formed by combining Shell Global Solutions, a technology licensor with a track record of delivering pioneering process schemes and innovative configurations; Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, the world’s largest hydroprocessing catalyst supplier; and CRI Catalyst Company, a pioneer in the petrochemical catalyst sector.

It operates across the energy value chain: from upstream, gas processing and liquefied natural gas through to downstream refining and petrochemicals.

The fact that Shell Catalysts & Technologies supports Shell’s global downstream network means that it has already addressed many of the challenges that its third-party customers face; the catalysts and technologies that it licenses have been developed in response to the same challenges.


Nano-engineered zeolites in hydrocracking catalysts – unlocking ultimate performance

ON DEMAND - This webinar describes how new nano-engineered Y-zeolites, the essential ingredient in hydrocracking catalysts, have provided a step-change in molecular conversion capability.

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