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Webinars: SAA Mercury Adsorbents

Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. (SAA) offers over 40 years of experience in Process Engineering of Adsorption Systems for Gas and Liquid Drying, Sulfur Compound Removal, Emission Control, and over 20 years of Process Design experience in Mercury Removal Systems.


ADSORBENTS: What Are they? How Do They work?

ON DEMAND - The key properties of adsorbents are: internal surface area, pore size, surface chemistry, and particle size. In this webinar, Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. describe these properties in detail and discuss how they are used to make adsorbents separate molecules to achieve our goals in various process industries.

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Controlling mercury in ethylene plants: New strategies and trade-offs

ON DEMAND - Mercury enters ethylene plants with the hydrocarbon cracker feedstock, and must be removed from the process to protect plant equipment from corrosion and to minimise catalyst poisoning. Watch this webinar to find out more!

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