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Make Your Plant More Environmentally Friendly by Reducing Flaring and Gas Leaks

ON DEMAND - As the oil and gas industry undergoes initiatives to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing gas flaring is a high priority. In addition to wasting valuable product and resources, gases that leak through valves cause environmental concerns that plants are trying hard to mitigate.

Ideal for inspection and integrity personnel, this webinar will outline how through-valve leak detection solutions can help reduce flaring at facilities such as refineries, petrochemical plants, and offshore platforms.

Presented by experts from MISTRAS Group, key webinar takeaways will include:

  • Using technology to both detect through-valve leaks and estimate the quantity of material leaking.
  • Calculating leak rates that are emitted directly from the unit(s).
  • How detecting through-valve leaks can help reduce environmental impact.

Watch MISTRAS Group's webinar to learn how leak detection can support environmental initiatives and help to avoid hazardous flaring.


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