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Handling the asphaltene/pitch stream from residue upgrading processes

ON DEMAND - This webinar discusses IPCO's processes for converting liquid pitch from an upgrading scheme that utilises a solvent de-asphalting (SDA) unit to separate the more valuable de-asphalted oil (DAO). Once separated, the DAO will be sent for further processing, while the pitch is converted into a pastille or flake form. As well as being easier to store, handle and transport, pitch in this flowable, solid form is an excellent fuel for combustion applications in a circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boiler for power generation, in gasification applications and for cement kilns.

With increased yields from residue upgrading technologies such as SDA, the carbon-rich stream becomes more concentrated with high boiling point molecules, asphaltenes and metals. Refiners must find an outlet for this waste stream in order to balance refinery operations.

Solidification technologies such as pastillation and flaking will play a critical role in residue upgrading schemes and provide a way to manage the asphaltene/pitch stream.

IPCO's webinar provides an overall understanding of the requirements for the solidification of asphaltene/pitch.

Other key takeaways include:

  • An in-depth explanation of both the pastillation and flaking solidification processes.
  • Upstream capital equipment, utility and plot plan requirements.
  • Environmental considerations for exhaust vapours.
  • The physical and flow properties of a solidified pitch.
  • Material handling and storage requirements.

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