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Webinars: Honeywell Connected Industrial

Intelligent Operations For Industrial Transformation

With Honeywell Connected Industrial (HCI), sustainability is central to industrial operations and a vital element to a successful business strategy.

To be an intelligent sustainable industrial operation, purpose-built software is needed to address how you tie data, locations and processes together. Connecting insights to actions helps HCI’s customers achieve efficiency, productivity and safety of their plants, process and people – to deliver your profit and sustainable industry goals.


High Tech, Low Carbon: Software’s role in the push to net-zero

In this webinar, you can expect to learn more about how digitalisation can be a driver of sustainability initiatives and how innovative software solutions can help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Alarm Performance Optimizer: Setting the Stage for Alarm Management Transformation

Watch this webinar as Honeywell Connected Industrial discuss and demonstrate how the stage is being set for alarm management transformation.

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Simplifying process safety system validation

In this webinar, Honeywell Connected Industrial discuss the latest developments in leveraging your alarm management system to automate the process of validating process safety systems to continuously ensure process safety.

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Digitising inspection rounds in refining operations

Watch this webinar to discover how to move away from manual, paper-based practices to efficiently capture field data through automated workflows.

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Democratising machine learning for performance management of refining assets

Watch this webinar to discover the technologies democratising the use of machine learning for Asset Performance Management, putting them at the service of your engineering teams.

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