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Webinars: Honeywell Connected Industrial

Intelligent Operations For Industrial Transformation

With Honeywell Connected Industrial (HCI), sustainability is central to industrial operations and a vital element to a successful business strategy.

To be an intelligent sustainable industrial operation, purpose-built software is needed to address how you tie data, locations and processes together. Connecting insights to actions helps HCI’s customers achieve efficiency, productivity and safety of their plants, process and people – to deliver your profit and sustainable industry goals.


Demystifying Honeywell's UOP & UniSim Design Solutions for Carbon Capture Applications

This webinar will unveil the most recent features of Advanced Solvent Carbon Capture (ASCC) UOP technology alongside the carbon capture modelling capabilities of UniSim Design.

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Tech revolution: unveiling the future of sustainability and digital transformation

ON DEMAND - Join Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE) on an incredible journey toward achieving industrial autonomy in the oil and gas sector. Discover the cutting-edge software solutions that are revolutionising operational efficiency, delve into the crucial role of OT cybersecurity in asset protection, and uncover how sustainability initiatives are paving the way for a secure, eco-friendly future in oil and gas operations.

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Achieving industrial grade asset reliability: a conversation with Honeywell and Microsoft

ON DEMAND- In this webinar, domain experts from Honeywell and strategic partner Microsoft will discuss how they are working together to deliver cloud-native asset performance solutions that bring global, scalable and more secure asset health monitoring, as well as predictive analytics and a more efficient running enterprise.

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High Tech, Low Carbon: Software’s role in the push to net-zero

ON DEMAND - In this webinar, you can expect to learn more about how digitalisation can be a driver of sustainability initiatives and how innovative software solutions can help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Simplifying process safety system validation

ON DEMAND - In this webinar, Honeywell Connected Industrial discuss the latest developments in leveraging your alarm management system to automate the process of validating process safety systems to continuously ensure process safety.

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