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CMS confirms technology pilot test

Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) has announced a pilot of its new olefins separation technology with DowDuPont.


PT2SB signs financing agreement

The financial facilities will be used to finance the PT2SB industrial terminal in Pengerang, Malaysia.


PinnacleART and AspenTech partner up

PinnacleART and AspenTech have partnered to deliver asset maintenance and reliability solutions to the oil and gas and chemicals industries.


ExxonMobil and ITQ make ethylene breakthrough

ExxonMobil and Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica have discovered a material that could reduce the amount of energy and emissions associated with ethylene production.


US firms tackling emissions

US natural gas and oil companies have launched an environmental partnership to accelerate the industry’s reductions in methane and VOCs.


Total completes upgrade project

Belgium Total has completed the upgrade of its largest refining and petrochemicals platform in Europe.