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SulfurCon 2022

SulfurCon 2022

29 June 2022 - 29 June 2022


SulfurCon 2022 is a virtual conference, brought to you by Hydrocarbon Engineering, including an outlook for the global sulfur market, as well as expert presentations covering innovations in sulfur technology and services for the hydrocarbon processing sector.

You can expect a range of technical presentations from leading companies, covering topics such as:

  • Sulfur recovery & removal
  • Sulfur processing
  • Sulfur forming & handling
  • Sulfur treating
  • Sulfur analysis
  • Sulfuric acid

SulfurCon 2022 will also offer live Q&As with industry experts, and a host of interactive features for attendees including: text chat, video conferencing, and a virtual exhibition!

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