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8th Opportunity Crudes Conference

8th Opportunity Crudes Conference

24 October 2022 - 26 October 2022


The 8th Opportunity Crudes Conference, hosted by Hydrocarbon Publishing Company, will be held in person (in Houston, Texas, US) and virtually (via Zoom) during 24 - 26 October 2022.

The 2½-day meeting is centred on the theme 'Refining in Transition: from Vision to Execution amid Crude Disruptions.' Register today at to take advantage of an early-bird special discount.

The conference's speaker team includes experienced business strategists and hands-on technology experts who will focus on five main drivers to tackle urgent and long-term crude and refining issues:

  1. Outlooks and insights of shifting global oil supply and demand in uncertain times amid energy transition.
  2. Crude selection and trading: favouring low-carbon and 'carbon-neutral/offset' grades.
  3. Crude management to improve feed quality and to aid in refinery decarbonisation.
  4. Refiners' flexibility to process changing crudes and meet product shortfalls.
  5. Refining process and catalyst innovations, biofuel production, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for fuel transformations.

The goal of the conference is to create roadmaps for navigating uncertain times of crude-supply disruptions due to geopolitics, processing flexibility to make products that are in demand, and selecting low-carbon-intensity crudes to reduce refineries' carbon footprints.