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Albemarle Corp.

At Albemarle, nearly 3200 employees put their ideas and innovations to work every day for communities and customers around the globe. The company focuses on creating solutions that meet society's needs in over 100 countries. Albemarle is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of complex chemicals and services that make life better for people everywhere. Whether it's catalyst solutions or performance chemicals, the company leverages its knowledge, experience and creativity to solve customers' toughest challenges and deliver valuable solutions the right way.

Albemarle's innovations are seen in everyday applications such as those that add life-saving properties to resins used in electronics and appliances, protect crops, reduce mercury emissions, safeguard food against bacteria, provide the active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and that help create cleaner transportation fuels. Its products and services create value for customers by improving product performance, providing essential product attributes, lowering costs and simplifying processes.