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Optimized Gas Treating, Inc

Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. (OGT) was established in 1992 by Ralph Weiland and Jack Dingman with the intention of providing a commercial version of a Windows-based software package for simulating acid gas removal specifically with aqueous alkanolamines.

The ProTreat software is distinguished by its exclusive use of a fundamental mass and heat transfer rate approach to column modelling and is gradually being expanded to include physical and hybrid solvents, as well as dehydration and sour water stripping. ProTreat is the culmination of more than 30 years of research in gas treating supported by government and industry in both academic and commercial environments. ProTreat receives undivided attention in maintaining and enhancing its capabilities so that it remains the premier software package for gas treating with amines. OGT’s staff are recognised world experts in most aspects of gas treating offering a total of over 90 man-years of relevant experience.