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BCCK Engineering, Inc

BCCK Engineering, Inc.
2500 N. Big Spring
United States

BCCK Engineering, Inc. is an international natural gas engineering company specialising in nitrogen rejection, NGL recovery, CO2 removal, helium recovery, skidded LNG plants and oxygen removal.

A leader in natural gas processing and treating, BCCK Engineering, Inc. helps gas producers generate revenue from previously by-passed or contaminated reserves by providing efficient and optimised gas processing solutions and fitting the right technology to the right application. BCCK's business is built on long-standing relationships with clients, contractors, vendors, governmental agencies and financial institutions. BCCK's experienced engineering, technical support, financial and operations professionals work as a team to create solutions that maximise client successes.

Complete engineered solutions to economically remove nitrogen and carbon dioxide from gas streams, or recovered helium provides added revenue streams that significantly enhances customers’ bottom line.

BCCK provides high efficiency turbo expander plants utilizing the latest proven technology to improve project economics over standard designs. Our designs include high-ethane recovery for the richest inlet gas streams, as well as maintaining high propane recovery in ethane rejection mode without additional capital and operating costs.

Our staff has a long history of providing turnkey gas processing facilities. Our in house staff includes process, mechanical and civil engineering; facility design; electrical engineering and design; DCS control system design; purchasing expertise; quality control; financial expertise; and quality fabrication.

We have delivered the most unique gas processing/treating solutions in the world, including processing of fire flood associated gas, coal mine methane, and CO2 flood associated gas. BCCK currently holds three patents for gas processing and has developed other proprietary technologies in house, including our proven catalytic oxygen removal system. We have a history of providing the best overall economic and technical solutions for our clients.

Nitrogen Rejection

BCCK's Nitech Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU) process works day-in and day-out, anywhere on Earth. Plus, BCCK provides technical expertise, intelligent design, installation guidance and help in integrating our Nitech Nitrogen Rejection Unit technology with other processing requirements like we did for this grassroots treating facility.

Turbo Expander Plants

Our turbo expander plants help improve project economics by delivering custom engineered solutions with competitive pricing to off-the-shelf designs. BCCK's solutions and proven process designs are specifically tailored for customers’ specific projects. This process will result in higher efficiencies, greater recoveries, and more operating flexibility across a wide range of inlet gas flow rates and concentrations than pre-engineered solutions.

Motor Fuel Grade LNG

Motor Fuel Grade Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is provided to the market via stand alone or integrated LNG systems. BCCK's history in cryogenic gas processing has evolved over time beginning with cryogenic turbo expander plants and expanding to include nitrogen rejection, helium recovery and now LNG production.

EPC Projects

BCCK Engineering has a successful history of providing full EPC (engineer, procure, and construct) projects. Our success is due to our ability to offer a full array of services including engineering, design, fabrication and on-site construction. These services are offered through BCCK’s three divisions including our engineering, fabrication and construction divisions.

Helium Recovery

Operators with higher concentrations of contamination in gas feed streams have discovered an economical, reliable solution to purify their gas while generating additional revenue from the separated and processed by-products. One particularly profitable by-product, even in small volumes, is helium, a rare and premium priced commodity. BCCK has developed a proven helium recovery process that can be integrated with the patented Nitech system with minimal additional equipment to provide a crude-grade helium product with a 99 percent plus helium recovery rate.

CO2 Removal

BCCK has gained extensive experience with various processes for the extraction of CO2 from natural gas streams. Our team of experts has also developed technology to economically process high CO2 streams where it is desired to sequester the CO2, which is becoming more important in today's market.

Oxygen Removal

BCCK's patented oxygen removal process is helping create new revenue streams. After developing and patenting its Nitech process, BCCK began exploring non-traditional applications for its NRU technology to supplement traditional low-BTU natural gas plays. In working with a coal mine engineer, BCCK found the solution it was looking for.

BCCK provides high efficiency Nitrogen rejection, NGL recovery, CO2 removal, Helium recovery, skidded LNG plants and Oxygen removal including:

  • Full EPC Projects
  • Complete engineering solutions
  • Mechanical and civil engineering
  • Facility design
  • Electrical engineering and design
  • DCS control system design
  • Purchasing expertise
  • Quality control
  • Financial expertise
  • Quality fabrication.

BCCK Engineering, Inc.
2500 N. Big Spring
United States