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For more than four decades, Cryostar has specialised in designing and manufacturing cryogenic equipment. The 21st century has seen Cryostar extend its offering to process plants in the fields of natural gas and clean energy.


Ebara Cryodynamics is proud to be recognised as the foremost producer of submersible pumps and expanders for the ever-growing liquefied gas industries.


Technology licensing and catalysts from ExxonMobil


Global NatGas Advisors, LLC specialises in providing expert advice, consulting and analysis regarding marketing, trading, business development and commercial transactions to companies in the global natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) businesses.


We are a fully integrated energy company with a leading portfolio and a wide network of operations around the world.


From the deepest subsea oil and gas developments to the largest and most complex offshore and onshore infrastructures, Technip's 40 000 employees are constantly offering the best solutions and most innovative technologies to meet the world’s energy challenges.

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