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Athlon Solutions

Athlon Solutions provides water, process treatment and finished fuel additives to the Refining, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power industries. Athlon, derived from the Greek, “competition for a prize”, is the company's new name for the downstream water and process solutions groups that were part of the outgrowth of the recent sale of Champion Technologies to Ecolab. Athlon Solutions owners (previously Champion Technologies) remain committed to providing superior products and services expected from current customers and prospects while continuing to expand benefits to the market in general.

For several years, Athlon Solutions has been delivering quality local service, corporate technical support, R&D innovation, supply and delivery and effective communication to customers. The company's 50 year history in process fouling, corrosion control, and desalting, offers an experienced approach to address refinery challenges and industrial water treatment. The company's presence extends to Canada, the Eastern Hemisphere, Latin America, and the US.