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Fives Pillard

Fives Pillard has specialised in firing systems for the cement, lime and gypsum industry, as well as energy technique and environment protection for more than 50 years. Given a high equity ratio, Fives Pillard is a well financed and reliable mid-size company able to guarantee completion of long-term contracts. The company construes completion as cooperation based on trust, working with customers as partners on a continuous basis, strictly following internal quality management guidelines.

A highly motivated team of 80 specially qualified employees with experience from thousands of firing equipment work on individual solutions, in a scientific atmosphere. Five Pillard's product portfolio primary includes: rotary kiln burners, hot gas generators and thermal oil equipment in the field of mineral firing systems, as well as burners for boilers and induct burners in the field of energy firing systems. In addition to the company's main field of activity, it also support the application of our products/systems in special areas and help to optimise the combustion process.