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ExxonMobil licenses refining, gas and chemical technologies and offers catalysts that provide significant value to customers. As one of the world’s largest refiners and chemical manufacturers, ExxonMobil has extensive engineering and operational experience with these technologies and catalysts.

ExxonMobil offers best-in-class technologies and catalysts for making lubricants and other petrochemical products with growing market demand. These include technology for the manufacture of high quality lube base oils and premium petroleum fuels; a catalytic technology that produces gasoline from methanol derived from natural gas, coal or biomass; catalytic processes for xylenes production; and technologies to produce ethyl benzene and cumene.

ExxonMobil solutions help manufacturers implement best practices that can contribute to cost reduction, margin improvement, environmental compliance, reliability and safety.

ExxonMobil’s world-class technologies, combined with operating experience, support integration into new and existing facilities. Areas include:

  • Planning and process studies
  • Design specifications
  • Support for detailed engineering contractor
  • Operations start-up support
  • Post start-up technical services and troubleshooting
  • Catalyst performance monitoring
  • Technical support to sustain continuous improvement

ExxonMobil is committed to providing safe and reliable high-performance technologies that deliver environmental and economic benefits for customers looking to enhance their refining and chemical businesses. Visit ExxonMobil online at