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EBARA International Corp.

Ebara Cryodynamics is proud to be recognised as the foremost producer of submersible pumps and expanders for the ever-growing liquefied gas industries. Recently exceeding 6500 units installed aboard LNG carriers and land based installations, Ebara is represented at the vast majority of LNG operations in liquefaction, marine transport and re-gasification applications.

Ebara’s Submerged Motor-Generators are designed to operate in non-conductive liquefied gases eliminating rotating seals and all associated concerns. Sharing a single shaft with the pump or turbine element, alignment and safety are assured as the unit is segregated from hazardous classified areas.

In addition to cryogenic pumps, Ebara Cryodynamics’ expanders exemplify our drive for advancing LNG process technology and productivity. These machines directly produce approximately 5% increased plant output while generating substantial electricity as a peripheral benefit. These innovative machines, recently advanced for both single-phase (liquid) and two-phase (gas/liquid) applications, can also be provided with variable speed technology.