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How artificial intelligence can improve advanced process control

Now is the time to start investing in artificial intelligence (AI). With the growing adoption of AI in process industries, AI solutions continue to increase their role within production optimisation, pushing sustainability efforts and mitigating risk in a world full of disruptions, commodity fluctuations, and other uncertainties. Honeywell is committed to helping companies reach operational goals and make every day their best day of sustainable, safe, and optimised production.

The benefits from AI/ML are not as straightforward as simply replacing what used to be done with advanced process control (APC) with an AI/ML approach.

A mix of technologies is needed to properly address the broad range of production optimisation opportunities in industry. For linear, interactive problems, traditional APC can do a great job. It will identify and hold an optimum operating point consistently; the methodology is well established with low implementation risk; and the costs are generally low enough to generate a good return on investment.

An open question is how best to use these techniques. Do they replace APC? Do they assist APC? Do they solve a whole new class of problems?

Let’s look at some ways that AI/ML can be used in the process industries, and how that impacts the traditional APC space. Download this white paper!


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