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Digitizing field operations for increased standardization and flexibility

In Honeywell's extended two-part webinar, discover how to move away from manual, paper-based practices to efficiently capture field data through automated workflows. 

You can expect two informative parts to this comprehensive webinar with Honeywell:

  • Part 1: Introduction and Inspection Rounds
  • Part 2: Remote Expert Communication

In industrial operations, 80% of the workforce is deskless, and most field operations are still carried out using paper-based processes and standard operating procedures. The manual approach is not fast enough for the digital world, limiting effectiveness in the decision-making process. Incorporating digital tools enables a ‘connected worker’, creating new opportunities for standardization, templatization, and flexibility.

Digital tools transform the deskless worker by providing access to real-time information where it is needed to perform prescribed tasks competently, efficiently, and safely. It also establishes the feedback loop for quality and work execution management.

Safety, flexibility in data capture, and real-time alerts of changing conditions from the field are crucial. End-to-end visibility of operations enables proactive response to critical situations and avoids costly events. Conversely, templatizing rounds allow for quick updates to procedures and adjustments to changes in operations.


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