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Control system modernisation: Don’t miss your moment and migrate without any hassle!

Not everything improves with age. As control systems near obsolescence, control strategies fail to take account of changes in the plant, resulting in declining operating performance; reliability suffers; maintenance costs rise; and spares become harder and more expensive to source. Eventually, experienced personnel with systems knowledge begin to retire.

Honeywell has one of the strongest lifecycle support programmes in the industry. Honeywell’s lifecycle management philosophy is to never leave a customer behind. We have many systems installed globally wherein the 1st Basic controller released in 1970 coexists with a current generation control system. This type of lifecycle support in the electronics and controls industry is unique. We have various migration tools that allow us to convert your graphics and control configuration to lower migration risk. Additionally, the company can do multiple migrations leaving the wiring of your obsolete system in place which makes transitioning to Honeywell efficient and easy.

Modernisation with Honeywell will help you keep pace with digital transformation and bring your entire operations into the future coupled with fully-fledged cyber security capabilities.

Watch this webinar and learn how to evaluate your migration and modernisation options, and how Honeywell technology and services can facilitate seamless, hassle-free migration from any legacy system.


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