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Benefit sustainment of control assets using Control Performance Analytics Unified

This webinar will showcase how Honeywell Control Performance Analytics Unified (CPA-U) solves key customer expectations around the need to understand quantified performance through financial metrics. It ties instrument, PID and APC maintenance requirements through an integrated approach and common root cause analysis, goes beyond KPIs through actionable insights, recommendations and improved workflow to track progress on key issues. CPA-U is a DCS and APC vendor agnostic software and has a flexible deployment architecture, Cloud or on premise. This webinar will include a product demo.

Control assets such as PIDs, instruments, analysers, APCs, etc. are initially ‘engineered’ to maximise plant performance, but their effectiveness declines over time. This happens due to various reasons such as changes in operations, reliability issues, overloaded maintenance teams, faulty maintenance models, etc. Problems with one control asset can impact others (e.g. a sticky valve can impact regulatory control, online inferentials and MPC). Globally, up to 75% of regulatory controls in a typical plant are under performing, and most MPC applications deliver only 50% of their original benefits within three years of deployment. In a world-scale refinery or chemical plant, estimated losses are in the millions of dollars.

This presentation outlines Honeywell’s approach to benefit the sustainment of control assets using CPA-U.


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