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A pipeline partnership to accelerate carbon neutrality with carbon capture

The amount of CO2 captured is set to increase by 800 million t over the next 10 years driven by improvements in technology and advancements in policy1. To meet this scale up, 70 - 100 projects are needed each year through 20501. To get there, a rapid deployment of currently available technology will be necessary. This webinar will provide an overview of the technology and recent developments. 

Honeywell UOP’s collaboration with EnLink Midstream demonstrates both companies’ commitment to addressing a gap in the market to deliver an effective carbon capture and transportation solution. The proven Honeywell carbon capture technology complements EnLink’s extensive pipeline infrastructure and projected sequestration connections to provide full service, capital-efficient services.

The offerings provide customers with a cost-effective approach to CO2 capture and transportation that will ultimately accelerate carbon reductions and significantly diminish further environmental impacts in a key US industrial region.


1. IEA,

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